Pauline Le Rolland is a French photographer.

She draws her inspiration from her

nomadic lifestyle,

tirelessly traveling the globe

in the search of beauty.


Unveiling the magic of the scenes

she captures,

she sees each photograph

as a visual poem,

free from the constraint of time.


Her photography is imbued with a

nostalgic, dreamy feeling,

encouraging mental escapes

to an idealised world governed by

beauty, balance, and serenity.


aart printss

Some of Pauline’s photographs are available as art prints through David & David Studio.

They are printed in Provence, France, on museum quality paper. You can find them in Paris (BHV Marais, Printemps Haussmann) and online.

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Pauline’s photos have been featured in the following books:

Biarritz Basque (Assouline, 2024)
Sevilla Arte (Assouline, 2024).

ssolo showw

« Chromatic Cape: A Photographic Perspective »

On view at Alliance Gallery, March 7th-Apr 2nd, 2024
155 Loop St, Cape Town, South Africa

This exhibit invites viewers on an immersive journey through the vibrant palette of Cape Town. While photography often captures the tangible, Pauline’s imagery transcends the ordinary. The interplay of pristine compositions, vibrant hues, and soft natural lighting creates a magical ambiance, transporting viewers into a realm of idealized beauty where reality seamlessly merges with enchantment.

As you navigate the exhibit, let the vibrant hues transport you to a place of wonder, crafted with a discerning eye attuned to the magic of color. In “Chromatic Cape,” Pauline orchestrates a visual symphony that celebrates the beauty of Cape Town and presents a unique perspective that lingers in the viewer’s imagination long after leaving the gallery.

ttravel writingg

Pauline is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Little Weekends, a French guide to the best European destinations. It gathers over a million readers yearly.

Visit littleweekends.fr